Whether you are travelling with a young child, a student, a senior citizen, someone with special needs or a visitor enjoying the sights and scenes of this clean and bright island, hop onto our public transport for your daily travel.



Adult & Young Children


Young children are those who are no taller than 0.9m, and who are not attending Primary School yet. They can travel free on buses or trains when accompanied by a fare-paying parent or guardian.


Children taller than 0.9m can use the Child Concession card, which offers concession travel before they start attending Primary School. The card costs $5 and can be bought at any TransitLink Ticket Office.


Adults are encouraged to use the stored value smartcard that can be topped up to $500. The card can be used for bus and train fares, as well as making payments at selected shops.


Students and Full-time NSFs


Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College students will be issued a personalised School Smartcard by their school, while students studying in Institutes of Technical Education will be issued an ITE Student Concession card.

To use the School Smartcard / ITE Student Concession card, visit any TransitLink ticket office to activate the card by topping up at least $5.

Students studying in universities can apply for a Tertiary Student Concession card and buy monthly concession passes to enjoy concession travel.

To use the Tertiary Student Concession card, visit any TransitLink ticket office to activate the card by topping up at least $10.

Full-time NSF servicemen can apply for the NSF Concession card. Application for the card is made at their camps.

To start using the NSF Concession card, visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to activate the card by topping up at least $10.



Senior Citizens


Singapore citizens or permanent residents, who are 60 or older, can apply for a personalised Senior Citizen Concession card to enjoy concession travel.

A few weeks before your 60th birthday, download this application form, fill in your particulars and submit it at any TransitLink Ticket Office, together with  a photocopy of your NRIC (front and reverse) and a colour passport-sized photograph.


To use the Senior Citizen Concession card, visit any TransitLink ticket office to activate the card by paying the personalization fee of $3 and topping at least $10.



Commuters with Special Needs


To help wheelchair-bound commuters move around easily, barrier-free walkways are constructed at train stations, bus interchange premises, bus stops and taxi stands.


Since June 2006, our public bus fleet has been progressively replaced with low-floor wheelchair accessible buses (WABs). These new buses are fitted with ramps to facilitate boarding and alighting of passenger-in-wheelchair.

Check the links on the right for more details.
*SBS Transit Ltd Wheelchair Accessible Bus Services
*SMRT Buses Ltd Wheelchair Accessible Bus Services

Barrier-Free Amenities
Our public transport system has been designed to cater to the special needs of the elderly and other less mobile commuters. You can experience convenient travel by using the barrier-free facilities that are available at the various amenities listed below:




Barrier-Free Facilities*


Pedestrian Walkways

Walkways are at least 1.0m to 1.5m wide without any physical barriers.


Pedestrian Crossings

Kerbs or steps at road junctions have been replaced with footpaths that are flushed with the road surface.



MRT and LRT system

At MRT/LRT stations, you can use the lift and/or access ramp to take you from the street level to the station concourse.

At the station concourse, you can pass through the wide bi-directional faregate and then use the lift to get from the station concourse level to the train platform level.

You can look for a wheelchair pictogram on a platform screen door or train door to help you identify the location of wheelchair parking spaces in the train.



Bus Interchanges, Bus Stops and Wheelchair Accessible Buses

At bus interchanges, you can follow the barrier-free route to board and alight from public buses with ease.

You can use ramps to transfer between bus interchanges and train stations.

Selected bus stops are barrier-free.

Wheelchair accessible buses are equipped with wheelchair-parking spaces, and low-floor and step-free features. You can board and alight the bus using a ramp that is operated by the bus driver.



Taxi Stands

At taxi stands, you can use the access ramp to board and alight from the taxi. Tactile guidance at the boarding point indicates the kerb.



* These facilities are part of an on-going island-wide programme to improve the accessibility of our public transport system.



What is Park & Ride?
Park & Ride (P&R) is a scheme that allows motorists to enjoy attractive season parking rates at designated sites as well as "chauffeured convenience", via public transport.

To park and ride, simply drive to a selected P&R site located near an MRT station, bus interchange or a bus stop, park your vehicle there and continue your journey, hassle-free by bus or MRT.

Why Park & Ride

P&R saves you the typically high season parking fees in the Central Business District (CBD), and you can also avoid the ERP charges usually incurred when driving into the CBD during peak hours.

With CBD season parking rates and fuel prices currently on the rise, the P&R Scheme is gaining popularity. The Scheme spares you the frustration of being stuck in heavy traffic, and in the process saves you precious time, fuel and money. More importantly, the environment will also benefit from the reduced traffic congestion and the resultant pollution.

P&R e-Booking System

With the launch of P&R e-booking system, buying the P&R set is now more convenient as motorists can purchase the set on-line and need not go to a TransitLink Ticket Office to buy the set when sales are open.


Park & Ride Set


The P&R set comprises:

 -  A Park & Ride card; and

  - A Season Parking Ticket (SPT)


These must be purchased as a set and is available from all TransitLink Ticket Offices. The Park & Ride card can be used on buses, the MRT and LRT while the SPT allows the users to park their vehicles at the designated P&R site selected.


For details on the Park & Ride Scheme, you may wish to visit the TransitLink website.



Visitors Exploring Singapore


Visitors can use the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers all-day unlimited travel* on both the MRT and LRT trains and basic bus services. Visitors can buy a one-day, two-day or three-day pass.

Types of Singapore Tourist Passes

 1-day Pass


 2-day Pass


 3-day Pass



Excludes S$10.00 deposit which is fully refundable when Pass is returned within 5 days.

*This excludes Express, Fast Forward, NightRider, Nite Owl, Chinatown Direct and other premium and niche bus services.


Click here for more details on the Tourist Pass.


To explore this beautiful island using public transport, visitors can download the Public Transport Guide for Tourist.